The Trevor Collins Foundation

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The Results


Google result for search term ‘trevor collins’, out of 16.1M

The Experience

Donate to TCF
Making it easier to donate online via the website.
TCF Web Presence Diagram
TCF web presence strategy diagramme.
TCF Twitter Channel
The Trevor Collins Foundation Twitter profile.
TCF Facebook page
Connecting The Trevor Collins Foundation with their Facebook friends.
TCF Brand Guidelines
Logo treatment examples from the design style guide.

Project Concept

Virtual Abode was invited by Brenda Collins, the Founder of TCF, to redevelop their existing website in conjunction with creating a digital media strategy. With the aim to establish a web presence connecting them with their target audience and building long term brand loyalty.

This included delivery of a design style guide to standardise their approach to brand livery and ultimately consistency of the visual personality for The Trevor Collins Foundation.

Our CMS Toolkit, developed in WordPress, was utilised for building the website in order to allow the team at TCF to automate the dissemination of news updates to the website at the same time as all of their social media channels, with a single click. Further process automation included allowing website visitors to easily make donations online.

At Virtual Abode we believe that a project doesn’t simply end with the delivery of a strategy and web presence. To make sure the brand message and excitement around the new website continued into the ‘real world’ we launched a carefully considered PR campaign.