Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Services


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

  • Monitor, assess and report website performance
  • Assist in executing CRO strategy
  • Assist in performing CRO and apply changes on the site where necessary

Step 1 – Understand Client Aspirations

The first step we would recommend is to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for both your business and website – giving a quantifiable measure for success, e.g.

  • visitors that successfully register
  • visitors that sign in
  • visitors that begin the booking/purchase process
  • visitors that successfully complete the booking/purchase process (monitoring where drop-off happens during the process)
  • visitors that click the download Apple/Android app
  • newsletter sign-ups
  • visitors that click the Call/Phone Number on your website
  • etc

Step 2 – Goal Tracking

Implement Google’s goal tracking so that customer conversion rates can be accurately assessed against the agreed KPIs. This would require configuration in Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Additionally, custom reports will need to be created in Google Analytics, which will be accessible to everyone for review.

Step 3 – Report findings and CRO recommendations

Following the completion of step 2, we would recommend allowing the website to pass goal-tracking information directly to Google Analytics for approx 30 days. This will provide enough meaningful data to base recommendations on. During this time we can still work on SEO tasks as outlined below in the ‘Google Analytics’ heading.

Step 4 – Implement CRO recommendations

By following a stepped waterfall approach in close collaboration with the client, as outlined above, clear measures of success are identified. These then form the solid foundations for a long-term strategy. In our experience, effective time invested during this phase will result in updates to the website being efficient in both CRO and cost.


Google analytics

  • Ability to generate reports from Google Analytics
  • Monitor, report, and manage website performance issues adhering to industry standards
  • Build and send website performance reports as necessary
  • Analysis of the structure & on-page assessment of the staging and live site based on search engine guidelines (e.g. internal site architecture, navigation) as well as performance (e.g. engagement, time on site, sessions, bounce rate, etc.).

Step 1 – Analyse Your Google SEO Score for Technical Set-up

Analyse and score the website against Google’s best practice guidelines to ascertain enhancements for search engine optimisation (SEO) to the technical set-up. Successful CRO also requires SEO in the form of reliable coding best practices and serverside configuration.

Step 2 – Technical SEO Enhancements

Implement enhancements based on your Google SEO score analysis.

Step 3 – Monitor, report, and manage website performance

Custom reports will be created based on the KPIs and Goals agreed upon in Phase 1. Where possible, reports will be automatically emailed by Google Analytics on a suitably regular basis to the client. If required, this can be supplemented by custom reports built in Google Data Studio providing an interface that helps to more easily interpret the analytical data.

The automation of sending Google Analytics reports and having Data Studio reports, which automatically re-populate with the latest data, available via a URL can reduce ongoing costs; as the client will always have information readily available instead of needing to request it each time.


Website Design and Development

  • Creation, programming and deployment of web pages (Front-end) based on business requirements, campaign activation and site enhancements
  • Creation and deployment of web pages onto UAT, staging and production environments
  • Google Experiment(s) set-up to track the efficiency of the updates, and where appropriate provide the information for a winning design option that gives the highest CRO.

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