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Our Effective SEO Service

We’d like to help you get your web pages higher up the results when people search for your services. We want to increase the number of enquirers who click on your pages and help convert those visitors into paying customers.

Our strategies work as we only ever follow Google’s best practice guidelines. This creates an exemplary online reputation for your brand and develops a lasting relationship with your target audiences.

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Our Results

Here is a small selection of the successful results from one of our latest projects.

Honestly, there were a couple of times we had a drop in our biggest keyword ranking and literally Virtual Abode came to the rescue. In a nutshell I would say, Virtual Abode is trustworthy, very professional, clued up and results are very satisfactory. Thank you.

Tonie Pepperstreet
Marketing, Branding & Events Manager

How We Do It

Understand Your Aspirations icon

Understand Your Aspirations

Listen to our client’s aspirations to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for both their business and website - giving a quantifiable measure for success.

Analyse Your SEO Score icon

Analyse Your SEO Score

Analyse and score the website against Google’s best practice guidelines to ascertain technical enhancements for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Technical SEO Enhancements icon

Technical SEO Enhancements

Implement enhancements based on your Google SEO score, providing the foundations to establish a long-lasting search engine ranking position.

Evaluate Analytics icon

Evaluate Analytics

Fully evaluate your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to identify trends and areas to improve the visitors’ engagement with your website.

SEO Service Programme icon

SEO Service Programme

Design and document a tailored strategic approach to your website’s enhancements, supported with analytical data and indicators to measure success.

Goal Tracking and Reporting icon

Goal Tracking and Reporting

Implement Google’s goal tracking so that customer conversion rates can be accurately assessed. Seamlessly integrate with AdWords if needed.

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Boost Customer Conversion

Enable appropriate usability enhancements based on your tailored SEO service programme to better engage visitors and boost customer conversions.

Chat Over A Coffee

Our SEO expert, Luke Miller, is always enthusiastic about meeting new people to discuss how we can help get their web pages higher in search results, at the same time as boosting customer conversion rates.

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