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A group of highly skilled and experienced senior researchers who are experts in identifying and conducting qualitative research among Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and specialists worldwide

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The Experience

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Full screen-width video content with subtle animation, providing greater user engagement.
Clearly defined content sections, with visually engaging imagery and video content, telling the ‘story’ of their brand.
Prominent call-to-action section at the bottom of each website page encouraging visitors to get in touch.
Clean and simple layout of contact options and information, including interactive Google Map
Responsive interface that is optimised for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Client Quote

Luke and the team at Virtual Abode have done a fabulous job of helping us to revamping our website. They kept us on track (no easy feat!) and competently steered us in the right direction with much patience and a sound understanding our specific requirements.

Sandra Jackson, Research Director, The KOL Connection Ltd.

Project Concept

Many internet users are familiar with the pages of a website containing multiple, clearly defined content sections in order to engage and tell them a ‘story’ about the brand – including their approach, services/products and USPs that set them apart from competitors. Our website design concept for The KOL Connection takes this approach, complimented by visually engaging iconography, info-graphics, typography, photography and video content.

Our Insight

The KOL Connection work exclusively in the healthcare field providing a fully tailored, qualitative market research service to the pharmaceutical industry, covering a comprehensive range of disease areas. Based in the UK, they work internationally across North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia (with a particular emphasis on China, Japan and South Korea).