National Youth Theatre (NYT)

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Following the successful pilot phase for the existing National Youth Theatre (NYT) website ( and content management system, the charity invited Virtual Abode to assist them with the tendering process to migrate to a more scalable and flexible solution.

Client Quote

Thanks so much yourself for all your amazing help through a process which would have been A LOT more complicated and troublesome had you not guided us through.

Ann-Marie, Head of Finance

Project Concept

Our requirements gathering and writing the specification documents for the tender of their website redesign focused on an inclusive approach, making sure all relevant stakeholders were consulted. This included a member of our team being on the interview panel and advising on the final selection of digital agency.

Bidders were invited to specify their approach to be taken for the provision of a complete re-build of the existing NYT website, and integration with any 3rd party systems where appropriate. Bidders were requested to show how they would deliver the overall project life-cycle to satisfy the requirements set out in the documentation.

The final documentation written by Virtual Abode provided a thorough review of the existing website system and detailed outline of specifications for the redesigned website features, including:

  • Users and their expectations
  • General technical requirements
  • Security, including access control, storage, monitoring and maintenance, governance and application code
  • Performance expectations
  • System performance reporting
  • System notifications
  • Detailed functional requirements
  • System Administrator access permissions
  • Testing and acceptance
  • Charges, including contract price, on-going annual costs, payment schedule, rates for future consulting services.

Working directly with the National Youth Theatre the successfully selected digital media agency ensured a smooth introduction of the system and migration of existing content and users from the legacy system.

The tender process was professional, considerate and an enjoyable process to be involved in – good work!”

Mark Hope, Digital Director (agency awarded the contact)