Bone Daddies Restaurants

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Meet the Bone Daddies restaurant family - noodles, buns and beer served in a fun and quirky atmosphere!

The Results


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The Experience

Landing page for all the sister restaurants.
A complete list of food and drinks menu items.
Sign-up to the newsletter - directly integrating with Campaign Monitor.
Responsive interface that is optimised for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
Pin-point the restaurants location with Google Maps.

Project Concept

Developed in collaboration with Bone Daddies’ branding agency, the family of Bone Daddies websites provide the visitor with a grungy rock ‘n’ roll feel that extends the brand image into a web presence.

  • Bone Daddies Soho
  • Bone Daddies Flesh & Buns
  • Bone Daddies High Street Ken
  • Bone Daddies Shackfuyu
  • Bone Daddies Old Streetu

Visitors are treated with full-screen images of spectacular mouth-watering dishes, as well as a comprehensive gallery of food and drink menu items.

With a carefully considered user interface, visitors are able to easily:

  • access a complete list of food and drinks menu items
  • reserve a table – seamless user experience integration with OpenTable
  • pin-point the restaurants location with Google Maps
  • submit an enquiry from the website directly to the restaurant team
  • sign-up to the newsletter – directly integrating with Campaign Monitor
  • access the latest special offers
  • delve into the image gallery of inspiring food and drinks
  • view the most recent activities taking place on the Bone Daddies Twitter feed

All of these ingredients are seamlessly blended together with a user-friendly content management system (CMS), allowing the Bone Daddies PR and marketing team to quickly and easily make content updates.