Why establish your marketing campaign online?

Launching a marketing campaign without first establishing a brand online is like putting the cart before the horse. Your campaign needs a web presence to successfully promote services, products or a message online with maximum impact and reach.

Why do campaigns need branding?

Even marketing campaigns need ‘personality’ characteristics to stir emotions within its target audience, who are forming their perception of the product, service or message based upon the promotion. Your campaign may have a brand of its own or have the objective to raise awareness of an overarching brand.

Put yourself in the consumer’s seat. They should be able to easily identify your campaign, whether on your website or on one of your social network channels.

Give people something to talk about, and they will! Create something truly offbeat, unique and unusual that people can identify and relate to.

Answer these 5 things about your campaign’s brand awareness:

  1. How do people perceive you?
  2. How distinctive is your product or service?
  3. Does it fall in line with their needs?
  4. Do you take ownership of your actions – with promises / pledges / guarantees?
  5. Does it give them a sense of fulfilment?

Answering these five things will become the foundation of your brand and will be the backbone of your marketing efforts. Not only will it raise awareness, it will create customer loyalty and further growth of your campaign.

How we can help you

We can help give your campaign maximum impact and reach online.

Digital media is about mobility and engagement. We’ll provide you with both the tools and automated processes to establish your campaign online. Put the power of our resources and know-how to work for expanding your campaign’s web presence.

How we do it…